Benefits retailers will receive by using ESL
– Save on labor from having to manual replace paper tags. ESLs are an automated price updating system.
– Ability to update product pricing and information immediately. Eliminating the time to print a new label and have a store associate replace the tag manually.
– Price accuracy between shelf label and POS
– Reduce penalty from price discrepancies
– Manage and monitor multiple stores shelf level pricing from a single location

Besides displaying price and product information, ESLs can be used with features such as NFC and LBS to analyze customer shopping patterns. The information from the ESL can be extended to be used as new marketing tools. ESLs with NFC can be used for the consumer to use their smartphones as channel to receive additional product information. This information can be about products, special event coupons, advertisements, as well as product location, all to provide a convenient shopping experience.

– Are functions such as video, color display, & multi-pages supported?
– Can contents be changed according to different programs?

SoluM ESL has large product range for the best solution for every need. Our main product lineup is battery powered E-paper solutions with easy installation. Additionally, we offer TFT LCD color pane displays that can used on store shelves for product information, promotion, and even advertisement.

E-paper products are offered as 3-color solutions to display product information and pricing. The 3-color options are Red/Black/White and Yellow/Black/White. The E-paper products are not full color displays and do not support motion displays.

– The size of the product ranges from 1” ~ 13”. (Apparel tags to A4 size tags).
– E-paper graphical product supports multi-pages for additional displays. Additionally, ESL has features such as scheduling, central monitoring and central server.

– The color display (TFT LCD) is designed according to the width and length of the shelf. It can be linked with ESL to display the price, discount, & promotion, to draw customer attention and improve sales.

– Are various fonts supported?
– Can the display designs be changed?
– Is vertical writing supported?

– Graphic tags can display full graphic images, customer’s logo, product’s information, pictures and so on. All fonts are supported
Display designs can be changed using graphic image transmission systems Vertical writing is supported and image can be rotated

– ESL is effective for products trying to reduce the gap between online and offline prices.
– ESL are offered for normal and freezer environments, so they are not limited by temperature. Its accessory can use various shelf type and attachment.

Yes. Even with products that do not change price frequently, using ESL, you can run promos/sales more efficiently as well as use the multi-page feature to provide consumers additional product information. In many cases, the ESLs also offers a more futuristic digital image to the store environment.


– Strategies through ESL
Price differentiation strategy can be adopted based on region
Easily adjustable pricing strategies to reduce unwanted inventory
Fast turnover rates give opportunities for other products to be purchased
Combine with LBS, for easy product-finding and highlight with LED Blinking

– the calculation method and adequate ROI standards are different among retailers, appropriate information is first needed before the ROI can be calculated.
– Generally,
Labor costs of replacing paper labels (tags)
Costs for refund due to price errors or price discrepancies
Material costs such as paper or ink
– Hidden cost (inventory, scrap) and opportunity of sale are not included

Effective price management strategy compared to competitors will invite more customers and increase sales and also reduce gap between online sales and offline sales.


– Price changes only occur based on retailer’s price change policy
– ESL helps decrease price errors, in turn eliminating customer’s complaints due to price discrepancies
– Time-sales and scheduling sales are good for control promotion and stock inventory than frequent price change it’s up to conditions

ESL installation can be done through SoluM’s contracted SI ompany or retailer’s own SI company.

On average, the total estimated time for installing 20,000 tags is 6 days (4 days for tags & 2 days for software installations). Installation time various depending on labor count.

– SoluM offers programs to provide assistance with installation, maintenance, and training.
These programs can also be provided by ESL SI Company or provided to the retailer’s SI team.

– What is the status of engineers for ESL development and the total PIC for ESL business?
– Does SoluM have their own ESL designers?
– Will there be designated engineers once the Roll-out starts?
– Is local technical support possible? If so, how are they possible?

SoluM is specialized in software, hardware, manufacturing and quality manpower for ESL development.
Service Level is defined as Level 1:using the manual for self-resolution, Level 2 is supported by SI partner,
Level 3 provides local technical support and Level 4 is assigned SoluM development engineer.
During the initial installation phase, SI will provide services and manual training and on-site measures.

Local support is provided regionally through SoluM’s contracted SI company with our HQ engineer supporting them.


– How many Gateways are needed per store?
– How much is the Gateway coverage?/ How does Gateway supply power?
– How many communication channels does Gateway use?
– Can Gateway be monitored?

A single Gateway can cover up to 5 thousand tags, and has 20meter radius coverage area.
Gateway is powered via POE or AC adapter.
All Gateways are configured to prevent interference with WIFI.
Gateway performance & status can be monitored remotely.