Operate in real-time with our new industrial ESL solutions.

To improve your industrial company’s inventory management, asset tracking, data collection tasks, we developed a new solution with applications designed especially for the industrial environment.

Introducing Newton


Longer Battery Life

battery lasts up to 10 years

Multifunctional Buttons

smoother user interactions

Available in 11 Different Sizes

choose what’s best for your needs

More Reliable Operational Efficiency

battery lasts up to 10 years

Multi-color LED

allows for multi-signal indications

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Elevate your industrial operations with our industrial ESL solutions. Contact us for more information.

Industrial Use Cases

Pick by Light

ESLs feature a blinking LED light to indicate the position of the material on the shelf. Thus, boosting the workers’ speed in identifying parts of the assembly. Pick by Light gives the following advantages:

  • Easy and transparent inventory management
  • Elimination of mistakes and costly returns
  • Operators can work faster
  • Real-time update of stock information

Smart Ordering

Newton allows for generation and automation of the re-ordering process for a specific box or good. Experience these benefits for your re-ordering process:

  • Easy and transparent inventory management
  • Reduction / Elimination of backlogs
  • Real-time update of stock information

Trolley Solution

ESLs can follow the delivery process from parts selection to assembly, acting as a digital routing slip for internal transport.

Advantages of Newton as a trolley solution:

  • Real-time and straightforward control of part
  • Paperless and digitalization of procedures
  • Registering incoming and outgoing goods

Roaming Solution

Newton can take a step further – it can enhance long-distance trolley tracking and registration of incoming and outgoing goods. Thus, making the most of the paperless and digitalization of procedures.

The primary advantage of Newton as a roaming solution:


  • Paperless and digitalization of procedures

Equipment Management

Newton ESLs display essential equipment information such as date of procurement, current stock count, and capabilities – it increases employee efficiency and improves inventory control. Plus, through its NFC tagging, you can implement a last or next technical check. Thus, serving the following advantages:

  • More transparent and efficient equipment management
  • Real-time, accurate inventory updates

Manufacturing Instruction

Warehouse employees use digital equipment with clear manufacturing instructions. Therefore, they can plan daily activities effectively and reduce paper consumption. Not to mention, ESLs can access these activities themselves.

ESL Solutions in Sub-Giga Speed

Our industrial ESL solutions are also available in Sub-Giga – a wireless RF technology allows for long-range, low interference data transmission, fast updates, and low-power data exchange.

Our ESL solutions are engineered and designed to increase the speed of your business agility – the ideal IoT solution for any industrial environment!

Advance Industrial ESL Solutions For Innovative Industries

  •  Automotive
  • Health
  • Aeronautics
  • Food and Drinks
  • Electronics
  • Electrical Appliances
  • Construction
  • Logistics
  • Chemical and Pharmaceuticals
  • Warehouse and Distribution Centers

Elevate Your
Industrial Operations
with Newton

From connected manufacturing to smart inventory management and innovative data communications – Newton can do so much more.

Experience the latest innovation in electronic shelf label technology today. Get in touch with our ESL experts to learn more.

Newton – more than just a price tag.

It enables you to have more user-interactions to help users do what they need to do easier and faster. We want to help you be more profitable with its new developments in speed, durability, battery life, and its upgraded quality.

Newton isn’t the end. The constant discovery and development in digitization are what SOLUM does best.