EXPERT is successfully operating 90 stores in Scandinavia with the industry’s first commercially available Central Server solution from SoluM
SectorsElectronic store
CountryNorth Europe, Global
Number of stores3,000
Product familyGraphic


EXPERT, a global electronics wholesaler, reviewed the introduction of ESL to improve the efficiency of effective pricing and store management, and in 2015, it opened its first pilot stores with SoluM ESL in 4 stores in Denmark. EXPERT is currently expanding to more than 90 stores in Denmark, Norway, Finland and Scandinavia using SoluM’s Central Server Solution.


EXPERT, which operates stores in various countries around the world, has requested a key requirement to build a central server that enables the centralized system management and minimizes the cost of server infrastructure investment. In addition, EXPERT wanted product lineups of various sizes in order to display the price of different kinds of electronics products

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SoluM has offered the industry’s first commercialized ESL Central Server solution for effective multiple store management across different countries. Along with the Central Server, SoluM supplied various ESL Lineups (1.6” ~ 6.0”) to efficiently communicate information of each electronic product and to create an organized store environment. By providing easy-to-use layout designers and customized software, SoluM improved operational convenience and provided its strengths of high-capacity / high-speed data processing and stable system operation.

Introduction effect

EXPERT has succeeded in reducing the management cost by introducing SoluM ESL and stable system, maximizing customer convenience by offering enhance premium store environment and accurate price information. Based on the outstanding performance of SoluM Central Server, EXPERT is considering further application to other Scandinavian and global stores.

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