REAL is running SoluM’s high performance ESL system, with cutting edge ESL designs.
SectorsSuper / Hyper
CountryGermany, Europe
Number of stores330
Introduction2016 Year
Product familyGraphic, NFC


REAL, which operates 330 stores across Europe, is running SoluM ESL, the most reliable, fastest update speed and superior design, starting in its German grocery specialist Markthalle concept stores since 2016


More than just pricing, REAL wanted to offer a variety of information to the customer at the shelf label. To highlight its promotions, REAL requested high performance 3-color graphic ESL, tailor-made attachments, and promotional accessories suitable for premium grocery store concept. In addition, a fast and reliable data processing system was a key requirement to update information on more than 50K labels.

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With our display driver IC design experience and in-house manufacturing capacity, SoluM supplied 50,000+ 3-color graphical ESLs and a stable system server with high speed data transmission performance using 2Mbps data rate. SoluM also offered custom designed layouts and characteristics fonts to enhance promotional effects for the fruits and vegetables department. Utilizing customized housings, large-sized ESLs were displayed hanging above the beverage area to clearly show customers the prices of their latest offerings.

Introduction effect

With the introduction of SoluM ESL, REAL succeeded in establishing a stable and fast update system, which enabled the store staff to concentrate on customer responses instead of spending a lot of time changing paper labels. The superior 3-color displays with optimized layout and font design delivered more effective promotional information contributing to increased sales and building more modern and upscaled store atmosphere. After a successful year of pilot operation, REAL is planning to expand SoluM ESL to all of its stores in Europe.

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