For ESL implementations in warehouses, manufacturing lines, and logistics industries, the labels must be rugged and able to meet specific operational requirements. The ESL must be physically durable, have a stable system, and communicate without disruption in complex and large areas. LED blinking, button, RFID, LoRa (LoRaWAN : Low Power Wide Area Network) operations are used as part of the workflow for product information, notifications, locating, and more.

Why SoluM

ESL System Architecture

ESL can update real-time process and inventory status information by linking with ERP / WMS / MES system for warehouse, factory, and logistics automation. It is possible to manage information by alarm features with LED, information input function by using buttons, and input / output data through RFID. In addition, it can prevent errors caused by the current handwriting method, and can reduce unnecessary work with papers reducing operating expenses.

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